Amazing Creations

Coke Art Gallery Entrance 
The Ask – Help Coke have a larger-than-life presence as part of a global film festival event at one of the premier art galleries in North America.
The Approach – Create a feature at the entrance of the art gallery with the iconic Coke bottle form through which all visitors would pass during the week of the film festival.
The Results – Conceived, designed, produced and installed two 15 ft. tall beaded curtains featuring the iconic Coke bottle silhouette through which art gallery visitors entered the gallery. The feature was so popular that at the end of the film festival, the art gallery requested to keep the beaded curtains as a permanent feature.

PlayDoh Shelf Merchandiser
The Ask – Quickly assist PlayDoh’s marketing agency with the design and production of a display prototype after they received a version from a different supplier that did not meet the creative vision. The display was needed for a critical buyer meeting.

The Approach – Using the original buyer-approved rendering, create a permanent dump-bin shelf unit featuring lids from the PlayDoh canisters to draw attention to the display in-aisle.
The Results – Designed, engineered and produced a limited production quantity for a regional test based on buyer approval from the display review. The buyer was so impressed with the quality of the display and how closely it matched the approved rendering that she shared it across her merchant organization.

Cremo Shelf Pedestal
The Ask – Create a shelf solution that draws attention to the product and also allows product to be easily shopped and re-stocked – and do so on VERY FAST timing.
The Approach – Develop a permanent shelf pedestal that allows product to be stacked in order to maximize shoppable area and also uses a pusher system to ensure product is always easy to access for shoppers and store associates.
The Results – Designed, engineered, produced and delivered 6,000 displays using injection molded plastic, powder-coated metal and a spring-loaded pusher system in six weeks. Displays were in-store for over a year.