Unique In House Capabilities

Vacuum Form Mold

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Complex Prototypes

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Semi Permanent Displays

Complex semi permanent displays made from corrugate, wood, plastics & metals.

Scott Melton

While you may not know his name you have undoubtedly seen his work many times in store displays, at vendor events and odds are a lot of the prototypes that have crossed your desk. For nearly 20 years he has worked behind the scenes using his skills and creative vision to bring ideas to fruition. As a result people in the industry started referring to him as the “go to guy”. Using that reputation and his unique in-house capabilities which are rare in NWA, he has started the next chapter in his journey as Go To Manufacturing or better known as…

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A Long History

Shaping the industry from behind the curtain

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What We Do

Engineering and Design

Starting with an initial concept or idea, our team can manage the engineering and structural design to make sure your display, product packaging or signage effectively and efficiently comes to life, stands out in-store and moves your merchandise.


As part of our design process, we prototype and test EVERYTHING to make sure we’ve covered all the bases and no elements of your display or product packaging are left to chance. With our in-house corrugate, plastic, wood and metal capabilities, including 3D printing, we can prototype any idea you have.

Full-Color Mock-Ups

Got a critical meeting with a buyer or retailer to get your product placed in-store? We’ve got you covered. Our in-house capabilities allow us to produce full-color mock-ups of your product or display to help make sure your program gets sold in.

3D Renderings

Physical mock-ups tell a great story, but sometimes you don’t need that level of finish. Sometimes, a 3D rendering is the best solution. We do that, too. Whether it’s a rendering of your product package, your display or even an entire category, we can produce 3D renderings that are detailed, accurate and realistic.


Depending on your display and packaging needs, we have the capability to support whatever print process best suits the program. Our in-house digital printing capabilities allow us to quickly print to a wide variety of materials, and our Print Management team works with our world-class offset and flexo print partners on larger print runs to make sure your project prints perfectly.

Display Manufacturing

Need your display to live in-store for several months? We’re experts in permanent display manufacturing, using plastics, wood and metal, so you’re guaranteed to get the life out of your display you need. Need something more temporary? We also design and produce corrugate display programs, so we’ve got you covered there, too.

Short-Run Production

Not every program requires a full roll-out. Sometimes you only need a handful of displays. Sometimes you might need 200. Short-run production isn’t a problem for us. As a matter of fact, we have a team set up specifically to handle projects just like this. So whether it’s a full-scale roll-out or a short-run test, we can manage whatever the need is.

Assembly and Pack-Out

Not only can we design and produce your display, we are also set up to manage the assembly and pack-out of your program. You want your program to hit stores requiring the fewest touches possible by store associates. We can make sure your displays deliver to stores fully assembled, completely stocked with product and ready for the sales floor.

Logistics Management

Once your program is ready to ship, we can work with your logistics team to coordinate shipping and delivery. If you prefer, our team can manage the entire logistics process. Whether your program needs to deliver to DCs, direct to stores or to a third-party for installation, we can manage that process for you.

In-Store Execution

Need help in getting your signage or display installed at the store? We can manage that for you, also. Our team has years of experience partnering with preferred in-store execution suppliers to develop installation plans that best guarantee your program is placed on the shelf or on the floor on-time and with no issues.

Special Events

Need to make a big splash at a special event? We know the drill and have been doing it for years. From year-beginning meetings; to holiday meetings; to trade shows and traveling road shows; all the way down to buyer presentations and line reviews, our team designs and produces best-in-class brand experiences to get your programs noticed.